Sunday, 20 April 2014

Discography download… free!

Hey folks!

I've been kind of lazy with my music the past year. Nothing new to show you so I've decided to give you my past releases. Two albums, two-track ep and a five-track ep. All listed below is available at iTunes, Amazon, Spotify… Just Hangin' was released in 2009, but was taken down a couple of month later for some reason.

I'm not asking anything from you but it would be nice if you'd share this on Facebook, Twitter etc.. 

Take it for a spin and have a relaxed moment.. 

Daniel Hulth Discography Download

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//Daniel Hulth

Monday, 2 September 2013

OLCFN movie

I've got a lot of questions about the 'One Last Crazy Fucking Night' movie and unfortunately, it won't be made.
They tried to raise money to make it a great movie but didn't raise enough money so the movie is put on hold.

It will hopefully happen in the near future. And with this it means that it won't be a LA trip for me.

I'm now working on a new ep that will be released in the end of 2013. Stay tuned for more info and tunes.

Meanwhile, listen to January Birth EP, Musical Poems and A Journey To Russia.

Daniel Hulth @ Spotify

Daniel Hulth @ iTunes

Daniel Hulth @ Amazon

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Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Lazy Days!

Damn I'm lazy!

The last couple of weeks I've been just not doing anything.. I need to build up my studio so I can get busy..
The sad part is that I don't have any studio monitors or soundcard at the moment..

Any tips on studio monitors? Have you tried Adam F5? Bra eller anus?

I have to use headphones at the moment and I'm not a big fan of producing with headphones..  The last release (January Birth EP) was produced and mixed using headphones only..
I think I could do it better with monitors.. Next release will be top notch! (with monitors).

Better quality and more time for mixing & mastering.. no stress..

Every penny I earn on the music goes directly to new equipment and plug-ins.. I hope to earn enough to be able to develop with the equipment I feel comfortable with.
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Wednesday, 8 May 2013

It Starts Here FREE DOWNLOAD!!


I decided to giveaway one track from my latest release January Birth EP.

It Starts Here is the opening track and the one I'm giving away as a free download.

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I'd love you to share this with all your friends and enemies.

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//Daniel Hulth

Thursday, 2 May 2013

January Birth EP

As you might know I've been working on a ep and released it on April 20th.
You can find the ep at iTunes, Amazon or Spotify.




The ep have 5 tracks and are in the Ambient/Electronic/Downtempo style.
It's all instrumental and produced, mixed and mastered by Daniel Hulth music

Artwork photo is taken by Lovisa Allinger (Thank you, Lovisa!! :))
Artwork design made by Daniel Hulth music

Tuesday, 19 March 2013

EP, Worlwide Release April 20th

Long time I post a new blog post, so here it comes!

I've been working on my ep 'January Birth EP' release and it will be available worldwide April 20th.

Ambient/Electronic ep, all produced by Daniel Hulth.

Digital release worldwide. iTunes, Amazon, Spotify and Wimp.

Photo by Lovisa Allinger (
Design by Daniel Hulth


Share and Enjoy! :)

Friday, 1 February 2013

One Last Crazy Fucking Night!

The Official Trailer For 'One Last Crazy Fucking Night'

Check it out! It's gonna be an awesome film! Probably gonna be a winner at Sundance filmfestival 2013 :)


Before you do away with all your sins...first have 'One Last Crazy F*cking Night' #OLCFN